Hey there!
I’m excited to share a truly enchanting experience from my recent gig. Picture this: Marbella, Spain, a golden afternoon, the gentle hum of the sea, and a passionate groom named David ready to pop the question to his love Nicole during their vacation.
David had a unique request – he wanted me to be a subtle presence, nearly invisible, to ensure his surprise proposal in Marbella was authentically captured. The challenge was thrilling, and the result? Totally worth it!

After the heartfelt proposal, we delved into an intimate photo session.
Every laugh, every exchanged glance, and the sheer emotion in their eyes were beautifully documented. The photos not only reflect the couple’s love but also showcase Marbella’s vibrant essence – warm sunlight, coastal hues, and the timeless backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.
Being a part of such special moments is the heart of what I do. This engagement in Marbella isn’t just a story of love, it’s a testament to the magic that happens when two souls decide to embark on a journey together.